Yfn Lucci Turns Himself In The Last Wednesday

YFN Lucci's

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The 911 call that led to the felony murder warrant for the rapper YFN Lucci‘s arrest is disturbing a woman called  describing a man clinging to a moving SUV before he was left for dead.

The witness told the operator the victim appeared to have suffered a gunshot wound to the head, and she desperately tried to get an ambulance to the location because the man was “still trying to fight for his life” but, It was too late for the gunshot victim. 

She stayed on the scene while waiting for the ambulance, standing near the victim and said he was “taking his last breath” and he died moments later.

As we reported … Lucci is WANTED BY ATLANTA POLICE DEPARTMENT HOMICIDE UNIT for his role in the man’s death. He is facing multiple federal charges … including felony murder, aggravated assault, participation in criminal street gang activity, and possession of a firearm during the commission of a felony.

Atlanta PD’s offering a $5k award for info leading to his arrest and indictment.


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