Kim Kardashian deletes all photos without her wedding ring

Kim Kardashian

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Kim Kardashian After six years of marriage and more than eight years of dating, it is known that kim and kanye have decided to separate after rumors of an alleged infidelity.”In these months they haven’t spent time together as a couple in months,” a source told ‘E! News’. “They have only shared for the children. Kim knows the marriage is over. She has known for months,” she added.In recent days, the couple have been in the midst of many scandals over their separation. Therefore, it is not surprising that all attention is on the influencer’s ring finger.It turns out that, in the middle of this scandal, the star of ‘KUWTK’ and instagram shared a section of photos on Instagram that showed her without her wedding ring and this has undoubtedly been a controversy.One of them is the most recent image in which he promotes his new SKIMS line, which curiously and without any notice disappeared from Instagram, although it still remains on Twitter, a fact that has unleashed countless theories on social networks about the relationship of these two figures.It seems that the luxurious jewel in question was absent on the finger of our dear Kim since December 22, 2020, as can be seen in a photo of her family getaway to Lake Tahoe that she shared on her instagram.However, on Monday, January 4, Kim was photographed wearing her engagement ring when she went out to visit her grandmother Mary Jo Campbell.This could suggest that the businesswoman and influencer is still considering saving her marriage to rapper Kanye.


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