Conor Mcgregor buys a 1 million dollar watch

Conor Mcgregor

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Yup, he did it again. Conor Mcgregor new watch has it all, literary … the UFC fighter flaunted the newest addition to his wardrobe last thursday — and it’s INSANELY EXPENSIVE!!!

This masterpiece is called “Astronomia Tourbillon Baguette”… and it’s reportedly valued at over $1 MILLION.

The folks at Jacob & Co. created the piece — and it’s clearly so cool, Conor just had to buy it before his huge fight with his opponent Dustin Poirier at UFC 257 next weekend.

McGregor bragged about the watch on social media, posting pics and videos with it — and he even said he got a new pricey car and only to match it to the watch.

Jacob & Co. reps say the watch is truly an epic piece, and in the video they created to show the thing off, you can see just how intricate and amazing the flashy mechanism is.


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