Bad Bunny took off his shirt and drove his fans crazy

Bad Bunny

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Bad Bunny The famous Puerto Rican singer surprised everyone by sharing a photo where he shows his new and hot figure. This time he showed us that he can blow us away with a few more things besides his music.  Bad Bunny enjoys within the world of music and fashion is reflected on all digital platforms, especially on social networks. Since each of his publications generate millions of likes from his followers and fans.

This time it was no exception for the bad bunny, and the Puerto Rican singer surprised everyone on his Instagram account, after sharing a photo in which he poses in front of a mirror without a shirt, revealing his defined body .Although the face of the trap star is not fully appreciated, that did not take much, because what attracted the most attention was his marked abdomen, thus revealing that he took advantage of the last months to get in shape.As expected, the post quickly went viral and in just a couple of hours it already accumulated more than 3 million ‘likes’ and exceeded 71,000 comments from his fans.


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